About Us

Ashley and Katrina originate from Christchurch, New Zealand and have extensive experience within the funeral industry both here in Australia and in New Zealand.

Robin Drury came on board in 2020 after an almost quarter of a century career in the funeral industry through funeral directing and management, primarily with the large publicly owned funeral businesses. “The majority of all funeral homes in Australia really do focus on care and of caring for people in a very difficult circumstance. I learnt a huge amount in my time with big business funeral homes, but, I do have a preference working in the space of small, independently owned funeral homes, because it is without shareholder influence and big business distraction that I can truly express my care”, states Robin.

Years of serving bereaved families has given Ashley, Katrina and Robin the skills required to ensure that your every need is taken care of. This gives you the knowledge and assurance that both you and your loved one have been treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Academy Funerals have been caring for South East Queensland families since 1998.

About Academy Funerals: We are a family-owned funeral home serving the people of Queensland and the whole Australian community. Through the years, we have developed a deep connection with the people in the community, who we consider to be our friends and our family.Our personal relationships and dedication to the Australian community allow us to better understand and care for you and your loved ones.

Our team of expert staff ensure that you get the best options and value for your investment.Ashley and Katrina are always there for you, offering their complete assistance as you make your arrangements for a funeral, burial or cremation service for your loved one.

Serving with compassion and respect, we endeavour to keep our overheads to a minimum, so we can completely dedicate ourselves to your comfort and care. And, being an independent family-owned business, this is easy for us to do.

Our Premises

Homey, well-furnished and fully air-conditioned for your comfort. We encourage our clients to come and dress their loved ones or to spend some quiet time with them before the funeral.

We offer this service at no charge and place minimal time restraints on family members.

Our Vehicles

Our stylish new custom-made Hearse: Fully air-conditioned for your comfort, this five seat Hearse offers comfortable seating for accompanying mourners. Rear compartment is air-conditioned to ensure preservation of the flowers.

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24 Hour Care