Coffins and Caskets

A coffin differs from a casket in a number of ways. A coffin is wider at the shoulders and tapers towards the feet, whereas a casket is usually rectangular or close to, and often symmetrical. A casket has a full or half lid that is hinged and when open for a viewing remains attached. A coffin has a lid that is separate from the base and in a viewing is removed totally or slid down towards the bottom half of the coffin. Although a coffin or casket is a personal choice for every family, they will all fundamentally do the same job.

At Academy Funerals, we do not believe that the greater the love the greater the expense, and families will never be influenced unfairly to choose a coffin or casket that is not reflective of their family, their loved one and their budget. All our coffins and caskets are independently tested via an accredited NATA approved testing facility to make sure that all strict requirements are met satisfactorily within the funeral industry.

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