Funeral Pricing

Cremation Option 2

This is a full funeral service held in the chapel of a crematorium of the family’s choice, with family and friends in attendance,Β with the ashes being made available to the family.

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We take your privacy very seriously and respect the need for discretion.

Pricing & Inclusions

This is a full funeral service held in the chapel of a crematorium of the family’s choice, with family and friends in attendance.

All Professional Fees

Standard Sized Basic Coffin

Cremation Fee

Cremation Permit (Permission to Cremate Qld)

Crematorium Chapel Hire

Tribute Cards/ Bookmarks For Service

Viewing and Dressing if Required

Funeral, Memorial or Death Notice Digital

Cremation Urn Simple

Original Death Certificate + 6 Copies

(Ashes can be made available in 24 hours)

** All packages are open for modification and alteration to suit each family's individual requirements **

*** Possible After Hours Costs if a transfer is required outside of normal working hours ***

from $4990

Although the above package is a simple way of determining funeral options and prices, it may be mixed, altered and adjusted. All final funeral costs will be discussed with the family, or responsible person, within the arrangement meeting and fully explained prior to the final authorisation via signature. You are at all times in full control of determining all elements of the funeral decisions and how they affect the overall funeral cost.

Choices are available within the following areas:


There are many choices regarding the coffin and an alternative may be chosen for our wide range and final prices adjusted accordingly. As we are very aware of our environment and the effect that man has upon it, all of our coffins and caskets are environmentally friendly having been made from forestry sustainable timber or in some cases forestry thinnings.Β  Our wicker range is with the β€œWorld Fair Trade Organisation approval”, which ensures the range has been made from natural and sustainable fibres by adult artisans who have been recompensed with a fair wage.


A larger arrangement of flowers may be obtained, or the family may wish to supply their own.

Certified copy of death certificate

As the Death Certificate is required for estate purposes unless requested, Academy Funerals always apply for one on your behalf.Β  We always supply several JP Certified copies to assist in finalising the estate.

Memorial Book

Memorial books are available to you and your family or, if you wish, you may bring your own. In attending the service we invite attendees to leave their names in this book for you to keep as a record of who was there with you.

Newspaper Notice

Although a very common way of β€˜getting the word out’ from years gone, it is not necessary to advertise a funeral in the printed newspaper anymore, and over 80% of funerals do not appear in the newspapers. Even though we can place the funeral notice on our site, on our Facebook page, should you wish a notice to appear in any newspaper anywhere in the world we can place that for you.

Digital Advertisements

As mentioned, with prior approval from the family, Academy Funerals will advertise the funeral of your loved one without cost on both the company Facebook and Website. There are NO size restrictions on the notice and all notices are E-Mailed to the family for approval before they are posted. Research has shown that more people have discovered that death has occurred via electronic means than the printed media.

Order of Service / Tribute Cards / Thank You Cards

Academy Funerals have full Multimedia services available in house and we can create, prepare and print a variety of items for use in the service, to be handed out to attendees, or to be posted at a later date.

Playing of Downloaded or Digital Music

Most crematoria and churches have provisions for playing music digitally. As mentioned above, Academy Funerals have a full Multimedia Service available and can produce fully transitioned digital videos containing images, video and music from the family. Should your family have some budding digital artists within, you are more than welcome to produce these elements yourself and we will arrange to play throughout the service.

Live Musicians

Academy Funerals have at their disposal a variety of Vocalists, Organists, Buglers, and other professional musicians who are available to perform at any venue requested.

Military requirements

At all times we have an Australian, New Zealand and English Flag; as well as a Medal Displays ready for use as well as the Last Post and Reveille (if preferred a live bugler can be arranged). Poppies are available at all times for use by our servicemen and servicewomen. Academy Funerals liaise with the local RSL Clubs to ensure that members are available to speak and celebrate a poppy parade at the service.

Dressing, Viewing, and spending time with your Loved One

We all approach loss and grief differently and as a result we all have different needs in how we honour, pay respect and sit with grief. Because of this, all families are welcome, if they wish, to come and spend some quiet time and/or dress their loved one. At Academy Funerals, there is never an additional cost for this. If you choose not to dress or view your loved one, our family and staff will dress your loved one for you as part of our professional service.


Catering at most crematoria throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast is available in their respective after funeral lounges. There are many other and additional options available, and we can make suggestions within the local area and community that may assist.


We are fortunate to have modern hearses in Academy Funerals with extra available seats available for family members who may wish to travel with their loved one. This hearse is provided as part of our professional fee on appropriate services.

Doves / Butterflies / Balloons

If the family request, Academy Funerals can arrange to have doves, butterflies, or balloons as part of the funeral service (use of balloons is now limited in certain scenarios). These are ordered by the number of doves, butterflies or balloons that are required.


In addition to traditional funerals, Academy Funerals also hold services in public places such as parks, beaches and the country.Β  The options for non-traditional funerals are endless and at Academy Funerals, we can help you with suggestions, thoughts and discussions for caring for funerals your way, whatever that may be.

After Hours Funeral Arrangements

An arrangement meeting is when all the documentation is taken care of, Crematoria, Cemeteries, Celebrants, Flowers, and all other incidentals are booked.Β  Academy Funerals understand the importance and peace of mind that it gives to families to have everything arranged and under control.Β  Consequently, we do not charge to attend to your home or another place outside of normal business hours to make the necessary arrangements and put your mind to rest.

After Hours Transfers

In the event that the death occurs after normal business hours (9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday) in the family home, care facility or hospital (without mortuary services) a further fee of $440.00 for transfer of the deceased into our care may apply.

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Obligation-Free Enquiry

We take your privacy very seriously and respect the need for discretion.