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Benjamin Charles Rowe




A funeral service to celebrate the wonderful Benjamin Charles Rowe will be held in Brisbane this Wednesday, October 19 at 10:30am. Ben’s funeral will be held at the Pinnaroo Crematorium Chapel, 285 Graham Road Bridge man Downs followed by refreshments on the water at Moora Park, Shorncliffe Jetty – a favourite location for Ben & Irene and the lovely place they were married.

For those unable to attend, Ben’s service will be live streamed, the details for which can be found in the following link.


Pinnaroo Crematorium Chapel


Wednesday 19th October 2022


10:30 am


285 Graham Road Bridgeman Downs



Messages from Friends & Family

A larrikin, easy going, kind & proud are just a few words that sum up the beautiful human that was Ben. A great bloke who made going to work all the more bearable, there wasn’t a day that went by where he didn’t make me laugh. He was extremely proud of Irene & the love he had for her, his family & little Queenie, was second to none. I’ll miss you mate. Take it easy up there. Always, AB xx
Amanda Bear
Oh WOW!! Irene and family, my heart is just flattened right now having only just heard this sad news about Ben. Utterly devastating news. I met Ben (and Irene) during the ‘Vemma’ days many years ago, and we became friends. My sincerest condolences to you Irene, and to yours & Ben’s extended family.
Jim Curtail
I remember Ben’s great smile, his friendliness, fun, gentleness, and openness to people. I really remember a certain bemused look and twinkle in his eye he would get when others were up to antics, when we were kids. Thanks for many happy memories of cousin catch ups at Palm Beach, fireworks at your home in Sydney, and at Cowra. Love and prayers to you all Robyn, Chris, Lucy and Tim, and families and Irene. And thoughts of Sophie too. Bless you, Ben. Lots of love, Georgie Friday
Georgie Friday
Dear Robyn, Chris, Lucy, Tim, Irene and all the family, It was a very moving and fitting service for Ben. I was sorry not to be there in person. Chris spoke so well as did his daughter, & Ben’s good friend. Ben would have been so proud. The eulogy just confirmed what I always thought of Ben - that he was a lovely, caring, talented & funny guy with a good heart (and so much more than that). An inspiration to us all. We have many happy memories catching up with Ben & all of you as we grew up. He will be missed and we won’t forget him and his smiling face! Your are all in our thoughts and prayers. Much love, Cindy (Charlie, Lachlan, Finn & Archie) XX
Lucinda (Cindy) Creswick (nee Friday)
I met Ben last year after I interviewed with Nicholas Veniam (social media influencer) on an area in finance we are both focused on. Usually I do not respond to random messages but something inside told me to respond. We clicked immediately and became great friends. Ben was extremely knowledgeable in the areas we had in common and I often sought his advice. He was highly spiritual, charming, and had a great sense of humor. I will dearly miss our weekly conversations. We also shared the love of the Asian cultures being Japanese myself. We talked about getting together and I will always cherish my time with him. I nicknamed him as Zen Ben for his his knowledge, calm demeanor, and respectful spirit. I miss you brother and look forward to seeing you on the other side. My prayers go out to Irene and Rowe family.
Darren (Mr. Trumptastic) Miyata
My deepest sympathy and love to the Rowe family and to you Irene. I had the pleasure of sharing a flat and friendship with Ben many moons ago in Double Bay, NSW after moving to the big smoke from a small country town. Ben was a fabulous flatmate and friend and had such beautiful human qualities, the gift of kindness, compassion and a gentleness - bringing lots of fun, laughter and conversation along the way. What more could you want. His smile and the wonderful memories of time shared together will be treasured forever. I hope that the love and support of those around you can be of some comfort, lots of love xx
Annie Wormald
My heartfelt condolences to The Rowe Family and Irene. Ben was a gentle, thoughtful, wonderful kind friend who no matter where he was and what situation he was in could make himself and everyone around him, laugh. A rare and precious gift! I will never forget his kindness and deep love and compassion for others. My thoughts are with you all at this very sad time. A strong, courageous, spirited man who will be greatly missed.
Brooke Alexander
I had the privilege of working with Ben for a short period and I will always cherish the 6 months I worked with Ben. He was always a fun person to be around and he was always a positive person to be around. I’ll miss you mate.
Joel Jackson
Dear Rowe family I am sending all my love to you all today and for the weeks, months and years to come. I was 15 when I meet Ben. He was the cool older brother of my best friend, Sophie, and from the start we got along famously. He was and stayed a true gentleman. He had the kindest heart, the biggest greeting and always looked out for us whenever we were out together. We shared so many fun times. Time passed and we meet again when Sophie was unwell. I can say hand on heart he just was so genuine and kind to all. I am beyond devastated that Irene, the Rowe family and all of his friends have lost such an amazing man so soon in his life. He will forever be in my thoughts and I will always look back fondly on our memories together. He is gone but will never be forgotten. Love from Finola
Finola Dwyer
My heartfelt condolences to The Rowe Family. I have known Ben for many years. He and my son, John Harris, were great mates. Both taken too soon. Ben was a very special person who will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with you. I share your pain.
Christine Miller
Hi dear irene im very sorry for your loss classmate to the family Rowe. Love michelle
Michelle Bautista
Every time I got a message from Ben all the way from the other side of the world, I just knew it would be about something positive. Ben had the ability to make you always feel better. About yourself. About a situation. About life. Ben was just one of those amazing people that had a gift to lift up other people. I’ll miss his messages and I’ll miss him, but I know he’s in heaven being lifted up like none of us can imagine!
BK Boreyko
It was a special great privilege to know Ben We were good friends and enjoyed playing Rugby together at View ….. Have fond memories.. Hope sadness fades soon leaves with wonderful memories. Am very thankful I was able to get to know Ben over the course of our schooling . Kindest regards Jase Bridger
Jase Bridger
My dear Irene my condolences are with you so so sorry for your loss. Love and hugs coming your way darlin. Xx♥♥♥
Janelle Steer
Dear Irene, Robbie, Lucy, Chris and Tim,Our deepest condolences to the entire Rowe family. We are so shocked and saddened to hear the passing of one of my oldest friends.Ever since I was a little child, I always looked forward to visiting Ben. Since my family was living overseas back then, visiting and hanging out with Ben, Tim, Sophie and Lucy was definitely one of my highlights. Ben’s father Dennis was also my godfather, and so it worked out perfectly that Ben was the same age as me.Throughout our lives, we would always make an effort to hang out as we always had so much catching up to do, whether it was in Sydney, Canberra, Jervis Bay, or more recently via Skype and the phone.Ben and I kept in touch a lot during and after both of our family were struck with members succumbing to cancer. We supported each other throughout our experiences which made the healing process much easier.Ben and I remained in close contact over the years and I was extremely happy that Ben got to meet my wife Dora.I am going to miss Ben a lot. He was always so happy to spend hours talking and laughing. And I really feel for the entire Rowe family. Lucy, Tim and Chris, I wish I could see you all more often because we are always laughing when we do. Robbie I miss you and your chocolates, and I also really appreciate how you have always been there for me and my family. I love you all and hope you always remember how fun Ben was to be with.Love,Matt and Dora
Matt Saddington
I never physically met Ben, but I felt his heart and very beautiful. We communicated most days and he was always looking out for the most vulnerable...... I have no words to express my sadness. Love,hugs and healing for you Irene and all involved 🙏🙏
Corinne Willcott
Ben was an amazing guy. His light and spirit was as big as his heart. We had many talks about life and the future, and it saddens me he won’t be here to do what we talked about. To create the world better for future generations. . The reality you are gone is hard to believe . You were too young to leave us! You will be missed dearly. To the Rowe family, my deepest condolences . Xoxo
Holly Celiano
I met Ben earlier in the year through social media on a venture we were both involved in. Ben and I hit it off really well and he made me laugh a lot. He had an incredible talent for impersonating voices like Rocky, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and so many other characters. It was a pleasure talking to him. He always gave me hope due to my illness with his positive outlook on life and gave me hope with his sense of humor.He loved his wife Irene and how much he dreamed of giving her a better life as he showed me a picture of a beautiful unit he dreamed of buying. He also loved his dog as it was his great companion and those photos of him and his dog made me laugh so much .I never thought in my wildest dreams that Ben was going to be taken away from this world as he was so full of life and I had great hope of meeting him in person to celebrate together in a venture we were both involved in. I guess that God needed more Angels in heaven and he needed him to make people laugh.I never had the opportunity to meet Ben in person but throughout those times when we did engage, he was like my little brother or kindred spirit .Ben, thank you very much for making me laugh and for the great friendship we built together.I promise that I will never forget you as you are in my thoughts and in my heart.Her wife is not alone as she has a great community that loves her and we will take care of her.Rest well my dear friend and one day we will see each other and finally meet.My condolences to Irene and the Rowe Family.God bless you my dear friend.
Bill (Wolverine) Rojas
My condolence to Ben and the Family. Ben touched many hearts especially mine. He was a big impact in my life. True character. He always brought the best out in everyone. He will dearly be missed. He is in good hands with GOD now. He can finally rest in peace. Love you Ben I will miss you. ❤❤❤
Charles Sockhill
I live in Dallas, Texas USA. I have relatives not far from where Ben lived. Ben and I chatted over Internet almost every single day for the past 18 months. We became very close as online friends yet never met. We planned to get together in March 2023 during our trip back to Australia. I miss my friend…only 50. He was a great mate. I am very sadden by his passing, but I know he’s in Heaven and celebrating eternal life. Thank you Irene for giving me the opportunity to tribute Ben from afar. I will be watching the services.
Ken Taylor
Uncle Ben, We are very sad that you left our mama. Fritz and I will always remember you. Thank you for the privilege to know you and being a good man to our mama.
Faurene Peña
Ben Rowe was a friend with a passion to serve people, he was well respected with his constituents not only in Australia but in many countries around the world.I had the privilege of getting to know Ben and he was always willing to step up and was recognized amongst some great people such as Bob Proctor from the hit movie “The Secret” and other well respected entrepreneurs.Ben’s wife Irene Rowe was always supporting of his endeavors which we trust will remain strong.
Craig Wotton
For 2 years Ben and I have talked about a variety of things from Real Estate, work opportunities and future plans. His thoughts were always about his family and his dreams for them. A solid, down to earth man with a hope for his fellow human beings and especially for Irene's country and the needy children there. I will miss his humor and positive look for the future, and hope that he will see his hopes for all those children be fulfilled and their needs taken care of, from his honored place on high.
Ed Ocala
Our international community will miss your regular Brisbane updates. Condolences to your family. Rest peacefully and all our prayers from Kalgoorlie WA
Christine Kupe
I had the privilege of working with Ben - he was the happiest, caring and most genuine person I have met.He would always have a smile on his face and a joke or two to make you laugh.He always listened and gave great advice when you were in tough times.He was truely one in a million - we will all miss you Benny Boy.Colin, Adrienne, Luna, Freya &
Colin Scherer

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