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Peter Ferenc Pazmany




Family and Friends are respectfully invited to attend Peter’s funeral service and burial, to be held in the Pinnaroo Cemetery Chapel, 285 Graham Road Bridgeman Downs, on Friday 22nd March 2023, commencing at 11:00am, followed by burial within the cemetery grounds.

The chapel service only will be live streamed and, when made available, the live stream link and four digit code will appear on this memorial page. Please bookmark this page to allow you to find it easily. The recording will also stay available for three months from the service date.


Pinnaroo Cemetery Chapel


Friday 22nd March 2024


11:00 am


285 Graham Road Bridgeman Downs



Messages from Friends & Family

Sorry this day has come to say goodbye to you in body but we we always say Hello to you in our lovely memories. Hope your having much happiness catching up with loved ones & friends up above. Please uncle Peter as I Cindy have always known you as Please give my dad your good friend up there with you now a big hug, love you both so dearly, I alway remember you & dad & uncle Gubi talking about the time you all decided to move to Australia & start from scratch again. Truely amazing stories that will always be treasured memories with many others. Comfort hugs to your family. Heart felt emotions from Cindy & Maureen Nemeth
Cindy & Maureen Nemeth
Please accept our heartfelt condolences during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with you as you navigate through this loss. Family Dedic
Selma Dedic
Peter, my brother and best friendI still remember, you were 7 years old, when the Second World War reached our town. The Germans retreated, and the Russians moved in and occupied our country. Our only food was bread made out of ground corn. The Russians in our neighborhood took all the food they could find and what they did not eat immediately, locked up in a small closet in our house. This closet had a small window from the outside, just larger than your head. You slipped in and passed out enough food for our family to eat for weeks. It was very dangerous, if they had found you there, they would have killed us all.After the war in the elementary school, Bela - our older 10 year old brother (you were only 8), told you during a 10 minutes recess that a guy named Metzger was giving him a hard time. You went into his classroom, Metzger was just having his jam sandwich, you took it from his hand and pushed it to his face, saying "be nice to my brother, or else I’ll be back" You did not need to go back....We started competing in sports: cross-country skiing, jumping, downhill skiing, winter and summer (modern) pentathlon (horse jumping, fencing, pistol shooting, swimming, cross-country running) we were together days and nights. From sports we learned that without hard work, there is no success!Suddenly in 1956, after the Hungarian revolution failed, you left to England, started a new life at age 19, alone. You became an amateur boxing champion of Essex. How did you do it? You never boxed in Hungary!It took decades before we saw each other again, but it didn't matter, whenever we met, it was like we were never apart.Besides work, sport remained an important part of our lives. You started to play golf in Australia, I started to play golf in the USA. When I visited you in November 1999 - after a long flight, you said, put down your suitcases and lets go play golf, "I can beat you now!" Traveling from the US winter to the Australian summer in 24 hours was hard but "lets go". Finally after a few holes we ended up in the clubhouse for some cold beer. There we agreed, there is no bad golfer, just slow golfer. Two years later you visited me in the US. Of course we played golf again, my friends said, Olchi is a fast golfer, but Peter is faster. Olchi goes to the ball, aims and hits; Peter is faster, he goes to the ball and hits. Once I asked you, how was golf today? You answered, we played 9 holes and I hit 6. What number is 6 for 9 holes? You said, I count only the good strokes. You always had a great sense of humor.In our house you answered the telephone saying, "Pazmany residence, the butler is speaking". One of our son's friend was calling; he was stunned that we had butler.Last time in 2019 we met in Hungary. That was the last time we, the 3 brothers were together. Bela passed 2 years ago.During the last 2 -3 months we knew that time was running out. We talked almost daily, revived all the great times what we had together. At end of the last call, you said, the time is here, I am leaving. I told one more quick story about when you were 16, and you laughed. Finally you said "I am going to take this pill and it will be like ski jumping. After you start down the ramp, you can't stop. You have to fly!!!"Peter, I am the luckiest person in the world because you were my brother and we were really the best friends too. I miss you every minute. Have a great flight!Olchi
Olchi Pazmany
So sorry to hear of Peter's/grandads death. My family send their condolences on this sad occasion. I Clifton will remember peter when he showed me his hang-gliding skills. Joan my wife met peter when he came to England after your granny/ my mother's death in 1993.
Clifton Quinn

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