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Tyler Mark Swainson


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In loving memory of Tyler Mark Swainson who sadly passed away on 16th March 2017.
Late of Park Ridge. Passed away at home on Thursday 16th March 2017 at the young age of 18 years.
Tyler leaves behind his broken-hearted parents, Mark and Noela, along with his Grandad, Nanny, Uncles, Aunties, Cousins and many friends.
Tyler will be sadly missed by all those who were touched by him, including family and friends in Australia, New Zealand and America.
Tyler will always be remembered for his kind gentle nature, quirky sense of humour, and beautiful smile.
Tyler, we only have a picture now,
A frozen piece of time,
To remind us of how it was,
When you were here with us.
We see your smiling eyes,
Each morning when we wake,
We talk to you, and place a kiss,
Upon your lovely face.
How much we miss you being here,
We really cannot say,
The ache is deep inside our hearts,
And never goes away.
We hear it mentioned often,
That time will heal the pain,
But if we are being honest,
We hope it will remain.
We need to feel you constantly,
To get us through the day,
We loved you so very much,
Why did you go away?
The angels came and took you,
That really wasn’t fair,
They took our one and only Son,
Our future life. Our heir.
If only they had asked us,
If we would take your place,
We would have done so willingly,
Leaving you this world to grace.
You should have had so many years,
To watch your life unfold,
And in the mist of this,
Watch your Mum and Dad grow old!
I hope you’re watching from above,
At the daily tasks we do,
And let there be no doubt at all,
We really do love you.
Deborah Robinson ยฎยฉ
Tyler’s relatives and friends are warmly invited to attend his celebration of life service that will be held at the East Chapel Mt Thompson Memorial Park, 329 Nursery Road, Holland Park on Friday 24th March 2017, commencing at 2:30 pm.


Mt Thompson Memorial Park (East Chapel)


Friday 24th March 2017


2:30 pm


329 Nursery Road, Holland Park

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