Pre Arranged or prepaid funerals

As professional funeral directors, we have all come across the scenario in which we sit with a family to begin arranging a service and once we have completed the legal questions and come to the more personal aspects of the funeral, the family look at each other without many answers.

Pre-arranging is different to pre-paying in that to pre-arrange a funeral, one makes decisions regarding legal information, personal information and funeral instructions. Do I want to be buried or cremated, church service or chapel, flowers or no flowers and so on. Pre-arranging does not mean any finances are committed. It only means that with the help of the family funeral directors of Academy Funerals, you have your wishes filed away for the future.

Prepaying a funeral means that you can still do all you would in pre-arranging a funeral, only that you go one step further and invest some or all of the funeral funds as well. This means that not only do you protect your family by leaving your instructions, but you also protect by ensuring they don’t have a financial burden. The family funeral directors at Academy Funerals can assist you with all elements of pre-arranging or prepaying your funeral, or the funeral of someone you love. Please get in touch with Ashley, Katrina or Robin for help.

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