Coffins & Caskets

Academy Funerals offers a selection of beautiful coffins and caskets at a price range that is affordable for the average family.

Coffin or Casket?

There’s a slight difference between the two. Generally, coffins have six or eight sides, and are widest at the shoulders and taper at the head and foot. This gives the funeral coffin its characteristic shape, which resembles a human body.

Caskets, on the other hand, are rectangular in shape. Typically, they are more ornate and are constructed out of better quality materials.

Traditionally, the funeral casket or coffin is regarded as a loving and caring tribute to the deceased.

That’s why we, at Academy Funerals, offer a wide range of coffins and caskets, ranging from basic styles with minimalist yet elegant lines to highly ornate designs to suit every preference and budget.

Some families prefer to build their own caskets or coffins, and we lovingly allow that.However, there are health and dimension regulations that MUST be complied with for constructing a home built casket or coffin:

  • It must be plastic lined, airtight and secured to prevent body fluid from leaking.
  • The dimensions should be within 600mm wide, 2.1M long and 550mm deep.

Families may decorate, paint or carve designs on their home built caskets or coffins as they see fit. We have particle board coffins as well as the more expensive cardboard coffins. See examples of our beautiful range of selection above.

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