Burial Fee

Planning a funeral can be difficult during a time of great sadness. Academy Funerals are here to guide and assist you.


Cremation Services

A dignified yet cost-effective way of honouring your dearly departed loved one, cremation services can can be more flexible and unique.

Direct Cremation

An unattended cremation, sometimes called a direct cremation, is a cremation with no actual funeral. Our team will handle everything.

Memorial Service

A Memorial is typically the same as a funeral service however, the coffin and the person who has died is not physically at the location of the service.

Live Streaming

The recent global pandemic and improvements in technology have changed the way in which we can attend funeral services.


Whilst many legal and practical responsibilities are the same, there is a component of care that is unique to a young person’s funeral.

Prepaid and Prearranged

Protect your family by leaving your instructions or go one step further to ensure you don’t leave a financial burden.


Viewing a loved one who has recently passed is a very personal experience and we are hear to help support and guide you.

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Obligation-Free Enquiry

We take your privacy very seriously and respect the need for discretion.