Things to Consider for Burial

Date Posted: September 6, 2021

One of the major decisions a family must make when a death occurs is whether to opt for burial services or cremation. This decision may depend on a number of things:

  • Family tradition – Whether or not the family has a tradition of earth burial
  • Religion or beliefs
  • The family simply doesn’t like the idea of cremation
  • In choosing affordable burial services, there are certain decisions you need to consider
  • Whether to embalm or not.  (Frequently this is not necessary)
  • Type of casket or coffin to use
  • Where to bury the remains
  • What to put on the gravestone?
  • The location of the cemetery
  • The type of cemetery plot

If you and your family are challenged by the high cost of funeral services, we can help.

Despite what you may have been told by people or the media, it need not cost so much to have a decent, dignified burial for your loved one.  As a family-owned Australian company, we are independent and are not affiliated with any other company and are not bound by shareholder dividend accountability.  Academy Funerals is dedicated to providing caring, affordable burial services in Brisbane and surrounding areas, at a cost that’s kind to your budget.

Choosing a memorial burial garden or cemetery to help commemorate your loved one is an important part of the planning process.  To assist in these arrangements, Academy Funerals can recommend the cemetery of your choice.

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