Burial Services

Planning a funeral can be difficult during a time of great sadness.  Academy Funerals are here to guide and assist all families in and around Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts to help make this process easier.

Regardless of what burial package you choose, or if you want to tailor a service to suit your needs, we at Academy Funerals aim to provide you with an exceptional, caring and dignified funeral service while being affordable and considerate of your budget at the same time.

With their extensive experience in the funeral industry, funeral directors Ashley and Katrina are able to offer your family the best service possible in this difficult and trying time; by keeping their overheads as low as possible.  On top of it all, we treat your departed loved one with dignity, compassion and respect that everyone deverves. This is the kind of high-quality, professional service you can expect from Academy Funerals.

Academy Funerals can give your loved one a solemn, dignified burial service, ensuring that every detail that you request is carried out, while keeping everything within budget.  We are here for you through this difficult time. 

One of the major decisions a family must make when a death occurs is whether to opt for burial services or cremation. This decision may depend on a number of things:

  • Family tradition – Whether or not the family has a tradition of earth burial
  • Religion or beliefs
  • The family simply doesn’t like the idea of cremation
  • In choosing affordable burial services, there are certain decisions you need to
  • consider
  • Whether to embalm or not.  (Frequently this is not necessary)
  • Type of casket or coffin to use
  • Where to bury the remains
  • What to put on the gravestone
  • The location of the cemetery
  • The type of cemetery plot

If you and your family are challenged by the high cost of funeral services, we can help.

Despite what you may have been told by people or the media, it need not cost so much to have a decent, dignified burial for your loved one.  As a family-owned Australian company, we are independent and are not affiliated with any other company and are NOT bound by shareholders demanding dividends.  Academy Funerals is dedicated to providing caring, affordable burial services in Brisbane and surrounding areas, at a cost that’s kind to your budget.

Choosing a memorial burial garden or cemetery to help commemorate your loved one is an important part of the planning process.  To assist in these arrangements, Academy Funerals can recommend the cemetery of your choice.

Price Schedule (current from July 2018)

When calculating the cost of a funeral service, two main factors must be considered:

  1. The coffin or casket. We offer a wide variety of caskets and coffins, with prices ranging from $600.00 to $15,000.00. Our median coffin price ranges from $750.00 to $1950.00. (See our Products page.)
  2. Grave fees. In the Brisbane and southeast Queensland area, grave fees vary according to the type of grave or funeral that is chosen.  Traditional Burial Cemetery Prices range from $1,980.00 to $30,000.00.  For a single depth grave.   If you wish to choose a Vault these vary in price from  $10,000.00 to $80,000.00

To make things easier, Academy Funerals have designed a number of options for both burial and cremation.

These are options only and if requested may be varied to reflect your requirements. 

Please note that ALL prices are able to be negotiated with variances of product with the exception of Option 1 which is a fixed charge.

Consequently, the below options should not be viewed as the only choices available to families.

Please contact us to discuss options outside of these listed.

Following is the information for burial at the Cemetery of your choice.


A burial with NO service and NO attendance:


  • Our professional fees
  • Raw M D F coffin
  • Certificate of death
  • Goods and services Tax
  • Death Notice on our website and Facebook

TOTAL $3410.00 (plus the grave fee)


A Church / Chapel and or Graveside service:


  • Our professional fees
  • A standard size “Essential” Timber Coffin, can be personalised. (Other options available)
  • Celebrant / Clergy
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Goods and Service Tax
  • Death or Funeral Notice on our website and Facebook

TOTAL $4064.50 (plus the grave fee)


A Church / Chapel and or Graveside service:


  • Our professional fees
  • A standard size Colonial Coffin. (Other options available)
  • Clergy / Celebrant
  • Small flowers (Natives or Mixed Seasonal)
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Goods and Service Tax
  • Death or Funeral Notice on our website and Facebook

TOTAL $4559.50 (plus the grave fee)


A Church / Chapel and or Graveside service:


  • Our professional fees
  • A standard size Polished Coffin. (Other options available)
  • Clergy / Celebrant
  • Small flowers (Natives or Mixed Seasonal)
  • Small press notice
  • Memorial Book
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Goods and Service Tax
  • Death or Funeral Notice on our website and Facebook

TOTAL $5551.70 (plus the grave fee)


Furthermore, as there are many options available to families, the above suggestion should not be taken as the only choice.

Choices are available within the following areas:


The quoted coffin/s are mid-range and movement is available up or down.

As we are very aware of our environment and the effect that man has upon it.

All of our coffins and caskets are environmentally friendly having been made from forestry sustainable timber or in some cases forestry thinning’s.  Furthermore, our wicker range comes complete with the “World Fair Trade Organisation” approval that ensures the range has been made from natural and sustainable fibres by adult artisans who have been recompensed with a fare wage. 


A larger spray may be obtained, or the family may wish to supply their own.

Certified copy of death certificate

As the Death Certificate is required for estate purposes unless requested Academy Funerals always apply

for one on your behalf.  Furthermore, we always supply several JP Certified copies to assist in finalising the estate.

Memorial Book

Many families do not wish to use this book, or perhaps supply their own, nevertheless, we are happy to supply one if required.

News Paper Notice

It is not necessary to advertise a funeral, and over 80% of funerals do not appear in the newspapers, nevertheless a smaller or larger advertisement may be required.  Nevertheless, if requested, we are happy to place notices in any newspaper in the world.

Electronic Advertisements

With prior approval from the family, Academy Funerals will advertise the funeral of your loved one at NO CHARGE on both the company Facebook and Website.   There are NO size restrictions on the notice and all notices are E-Mailed to the family for approval before they are posted.   Research has shown that more people have discovered that the death has occurred via electronic means than the printed media.

Funeral Zone Free subscription

Funeral Zone.  Is a dedicated memorial site that allows photos to be posted by family members. Candles to be lit, comments to be left by friends. As well as a beautifully bound photo album.  Academy Funerals will establish this site for you.  Then pass the full ownership on to a designated family member.

Order of Service / Bookmarks / Thank you Cards

Many families prefer to produce these themselves. However, Academy Funerals are happy to provide them if required.

Playing of CD’s Most crematoriums and churches have provision for playing CD’s. Furthermore, most Crematoriums also have provision to play DVD’s. Many families like to produce these themselves, however, Academy Funerals can also arrange this to be done for you.

Live Musicians Academy Funerals have at their disposal a variety of singers, Organists, Buglers and other professional musicians who are available to perform at any venue requested.

Military requirements

At all times we have an Australian, New Zealand and English Flag; as well as a Medal Stand ready for use.  Furthermore, a recorded version of the Last Post and Reveille. (Or if preferred a live bugler can be arranged) Poppies are available at all times for use by our service men and woman. Furthermore, we liaise with the local RSL Clubs to ensure that one of their members are available to speak and celebrate a poppy parade at the service.

Dressing and Viewing

All of the families we look after are more than welcome to come and spend some quiet time and / or dress their loved one.  Un-like some companies we do not charge extra for this. Frequently families elect not to dress or view their loved one. In which case our trained staff will dress your loved one for you once again at no extra charge.


Catering at most crematorium can be quite expensive. There are other options available and we can make suggestions within the local area that may assist.

Hearse Our hearse is a modern white five-seater vehicle, with a wide bier for those people who require larger coffins. The extra seats are available for family members who wish to travel with their loved ones. This hearse is provided as part of our professional fees

Doves / Butterflies / Balloons

If the family requests Academy Funerals can arrange to have doves, butterflies or balloons ETC as part of the funeral service. These are ordered by the number of doves, butterflies or balloons that are required.


Many families prefer to use other than the standard church or crematoriums for the service of their loved ones.  Academy Funerals are happy to hold services in public places like parks and beaches.  Also, family homes or other place that are important to the person or their families.

After Hours Funeral Arrangements

An arrangement is when all the documentation is taken care of, crematoriums, Cemeteries, Celebrants, Flowers and all other incidentals are booked.  Academy Funerals understand the importance and peace of mind that it gives to families to have everything arranged and under control.  Consequently, un-like many companies we do not charge to come to your home or other place outside of normal business hours to make the necessary arrangements and put you mind to rest. 

After Hours Transfers

In the event that the death occurs after normal business hours (9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday) in the family home, care facility or hospital (without mortuary services) a further fee of $440.00 for transfer of the deceased into our care may apply. 

07 3261 8222

24 Hour Care