Children’s Funerals

There can be few things in this life as tragic as the loss of a child. There is no circumstance that can make a child’s passing easy or logical.

When we care for a young person many of the legal and practical responsibilities are the same as an adult funeral however there is a component of care that is unique to a young person.

The family funeral directors of Academy Funerals can guide you through the process of caring for a young person who has died. In the past, we have delivered the empty coffin to the family address so school friends can draw, paint and sign the coffin in the days prior to the service. For parents who have lost a baby, it has been a healing process to allow the baby to spend time at home before any service takes place.

As with many funeral decisions, at Academy Funerals we are here to assist you in making decisions that are healing for your family and truly honoring those who have died.