Memorial service

A memorial service typically is exactly the same as a funeral service in which people speak, flowers are presented, a eulogy and tributes are read, music is played, multimedia displays are shown, to name a few, however, the coffin and the person who has died is not physically at the location of the service. Sometimes, a display of flowers, photographs and personal items are used as a focal point in the absence of a coffin.

This can be arranged in conjunction with an unattended cremation, or it can be many months or sometimes years from the date someone has passed away.

As with many other options available to you in funeral service, it is important to remember there is no right or wrong way to conduct or deliver a funeral and any funeral service, or memorial service, can be tailored specifically to any family. Please phone Ashley, Katrina or Robin if you wish to discuss aspects of a memorial service, or if this decision is a service that may fit with your family wishes.