Pre-Arranged Funerals

For many families, we recommend pre-arranged funerals. This is where all the necessary forms are filled out and the person’s wishes are recorded. This information then stored in a secure OFF LINE file until such time as the family notifies Academy or Polynesian Funerals that the death has occurred. At this time a representative of our company will request that the person nominated to arrange the funeral sign the forms and authorize the funeral to take place.

However, as some families prefer to pre-pay for funerals we also offer this service in conjunction with Sureplan. To ensure the complete safety of your money Academy Funerals do not hold any prepaid funds. Your money is protected by Sureplan Friendly Society Ltd who will undertake to pay the funeral account to your nominated funeral company after your death has occurred.

Allowances and Expenses

The person who signs the contract and other paperwork relevant to pre-arranged funerals is personally responsible to pay the costs and other expenses pertaining to the funeral.

Many people fully or partly pre-pay the funeral and this then reduces the stress that can be placed on the person responsible for ensuring that payment is made within the required time frame.

If you wish to discuss funeral costs or pre-paying funerals, please contact Academy Funerals who will arrange for a consultant to meet you in the comfort of your own home to discuss your arrangements.

Academy Funerals are always willing to offer our expert advice and there is never any obligation on you the client.

At the time of writing the following allowances were available from Centrelink. These allowances are only available for Australian Citizens or residents. To ensure that you are eligible, and the information has not changed please check with your local Centrelink office.

MARRIED PENSIONERS: The surviving partner is entitled to an additional 14 weeks of their deceased partner’s pension. Usually this payment is made in lump sum.

SINGLE PENSIONER: The estate will receive one full payment after the person’s death.

CARERS PENSION: The carers are entitled to an additional 14-week pension, paid fortnightly, following the death.  If the deceased was Single, Divorced or Widowed, the carers may be entitled to an additional payment in lump sum.

SOLE PARENT PENSION: This entitles the surviving parent to a further 14 weeks pension (paid in lump sum) following the death.

SURVIVING SPOUSE – The surviving spouse is entitled to a 14-week BEREAVEMENT ALLOWANCE PENSION, on the condition that said spouse does not have sufficient means to support themselves.

WIDOWS ALLOWANCE: If the surviving wife has no recent workforce experience and she is over 50, she may be entitled to regular payments.

Other allowances may be payable through the following institutions:

  • Department of Veteran Affairs (Approximately $700.00)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Workers Compensation
  • Some private health funds
  • Unions

Still other allowances may be available from “The Victims of Crime.”

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