When you purchase products for funeral from a caring and compassionate funeral home such as Academy Funerals, you get more value for what you paid for.

Depending on whether you’ve decided cremation or burial, the products you choose must be appropriate for your choice. With their extensive experience in the funeral industry, our funeral directors, Ashley and Katrina, can help you with finding memorial products and personalisation pieces appropriate with the wishes of your loved one.

We are dedicated to providing a dignified, solemn and caring memorial services and products to the community, at a cost that will keep your budget intact.Caskets and coffins are the most common products you’ll find in funeral homes.Academy Funerals offers a range of beautiful caskets and coffins for your loved one.

You can choose from caskets made of metal, wood as well as cloth-lined ones. However, if you’ve chosen cremation for your loved one, there’s no need for a traditional coffin or casket. Instead, what you need is a cremation container to hold your loved one’s body during the cremation process. Alternatively, you may choose to have the body present during the funeral service prior to cremation.

There is unlimited options when arranging a funeral. At Academy Funerals, you can sit down and discuss your requirements with our funeral directors. Known for their caring and compassionate disposition, Ashley and Katrina are always available to listen to your requests.

They can arrange to have memorial and funeral products specially made as a fitting tribute to your dearly departed.

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