Checklist when death occurs

It’s often difficult to come to terms with death in the family, let alone what to do when death occurs to a loved one. This list of what to do when someone dies discusses the steps to take when a death is expected or when it happens unexpectedly, or if it occurs in a nursing home or hospital.

Expected Death in the HomeIn the case of an expected death in the home, the first thing to do is call the deceased’s doctor who will issue a death certificate. Once the doctor has examined the deceased and a death certificate has been issued, you should then contact a reputable funeral home.

Academy Funerals can be contacted on 07 3261 8222 any time of the day or night. One of our family members will take your call, record all the details carefully and walk you through the process of arranging a loving, dignified funeral for your loved one.

What to do When a Person Dies Unexpectedly

In the case of unexpected death call 000. The Police and ambulance will come to assist who to notify when death occurs and handle the situation. Then the Government Undertaker will entrust your loved one under the care of the Coroner.

To refresh your memory of how to deal with these situations, refer to this checklist when death occurs from time to time.

NOTE: To make funeral arrangements, you are under no obligation to use the Government Undertaker. You are free to use Academy Funerals or any reputable funeral director of your choosing.Death in a Hospital or Nursing HomeIf, however, your loved one died in a nursing home or hospital, you should ask the hospital or nursing home staff to contact Academy Funerals on 07 3261 8222. Academy Funerals will then, with utmost dignity, move the remains of your loved one to our facilities, under our safe and loving care.

The next step is to arrange the type of funeral the family wants. A member of our family will be there to assist you with all the preparation and paperwork to ensure that everything goes according to the family’s wishes.

You and other family members may at this point take the opportunity to:

  • Choose the casket or coffin, which is to provide security and comfort when your loved one is finally put in their final resting place
  • Decide which crematorium or cemetery to use.
  • Publish a notice in the local newspaper, if the family so desire.

You may opt to have a memorial book for the mourners to leave their names. With regard to flowers for the occasion, Academy Funerals can take care of these for you, or the family may arrange for the flowers themselves, if this is what they prefer to do. Also, if the family desire to have a Celebrant or a Clergy to officiate at the ceremony, we can facilitate that as well.

Academy Funerals will guide you through the entire funeral process and show you the many options available. However, it’s always the family members who make the final choice.

We, at Academy Funerals, always encourage families to take as much part in the funeral as they wish. However, should the family need to just let Academy Funerals do everything for them, we would accommodate that request with compassionate understanding and kindness.Academy Funerals is guided by the principle of maximum disclosure and transparency.

That’s why we show you the funeral’s FULL cost, including any extras that you want at the ceremony. This way there will be no surprises, and everyone is assured that no hidden charges are imposed on the family, either at present or at a later date.

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